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New Durastone 9150 & 3D Series


9150 DURASTONE™ is the latest edition to our comprehensive Durastone porcelain tile range. A unique format, very durable, suitable for interior and exterior applications, easy to care & maintenance.
3D DURASTONE™ Tile won the award for Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler Tile Product at DesignEX in May 2014. The award was issued by the ATC NSW acknowledging this product for cutting edge design and innovation.

DURASTONE™ Tile is an environmentally friendly product made from approximately 15% of recycled material. Reduce, reuse and recycle techniques are used through the double loading production process which consists of two very distinctive layers of clay, pressed together and fired at a high temperature to form one solid full body porcelain tile. The thin top layer makes up the true colour and surface finish of the tile, requiring fewer colour pigment additives. The remaining body of the tile is made from natural clay, allowing recycled or broken tiles to be added to the mix.


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